An Unexpected Journey (And Below-River Walking)

If you live in South London you might remember the DLR strike on March 28th and 29th. As it happens, I need to take just that method of public transportation to get to work and  there is hardly an alternative that doesn’t include walking. Due to intense rain on the 28th in the morning, my flat mates (who work for the same company) and I got an uber to work, however on the way back we made the decision to be a bit more adventurous. We took on the almost one hour journey back home – by foot. Thankfully at that time the sun was shining with a warm glow and the idea of walking seemed far better than in the cold, rainy Wednesday morning.

The first part of our journey took us through Mudchute Farm. If you’re unfamiliar with this place, it’s a sanctuary for various animals and strictly no-kill (So you don’t have to worry about the little piggies ending up as bacon on your sandwich). We made a few stops here and there to admire said animals and fulfill our duty of petting them (I mean, how could you possibly resist those cuties?). If it were up to me, I would have stayed a whole lot longer, but the idea of walking home by myself or only getting there in the dark didn’t seem all too appealing.


The next stop was the actual park outside of the animal farm. Let me tell you – the view of the skyline in the sunshine is simply breathtaking and nothing that my phone could capture in its whole beauty. And hey, you can still see the puddles the rain left in the morning! By this time I was in such a good mood that I couldn’t help smiling the whole time it took for us to walk through the park. We joked around, laughed and actually took over the children’s’ playground for a while. Hey, don’t judge.


Now, after that we soon reached the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. There’s something weird about being in a tunnel under an actual river, knowing that there are immense masses of water just metres above your head. And did I mention the most horrifying part? The endless stairs! Since I’m just 20 years old it wouldn’t have felt justified to take the elevator downstairs (although I did highly consider it). At the end of the tunnel, though, I felt content with my decision of not taking the stairs back up.


The sight that awaited us on the surface was beautiful. A magnificent ship catches your eye as you leave the tunnel and leaves you in awe (and asking yourself why you didn’t sail across the Thames like a pirate instead). The funny thing for me was that I’ve actually been in Cutty Sark before, just by DLR to get some drinks with friends. There’s so many beautiful places near my home and I’ve never realized how close they are by foot.


The rest of the trip was rather uneventful. We laughed, talked and walked all the way back to our home. We stopped at the Tesco just outside our house and got ourselves a well-deserved pizza dinner (which might be counterproductive to burning calories while walking, but hey – winter is coming.) and ended up having a movie night. All in all, maybe the strike wasn’t a bad thing.

Vicky x

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