Os Estampados

Fashion in itself is art. But what happens when you combine fashion with even more art?


While modeling for a London Fashion Week designer pop-up event, I had the chance to get to know Os Estampados. They’re a Brazilian brand with a lot of color and life in their collections. Artists design the patterns, which are then placed on bodysuits, kimonos, dresses and other items of clothing. Each piece has a lively and beachy vibe to it, however their clothes are not limited to be worn on holidays. Quite the opposite, they have the potential to brighten up your look on a rainy London day.


My favorite item was, without a doubt, this turtleneck dress, which I wore for the events’ street walk. The material is that of a wetsuit (or at least extremely similar), which makes it wearable not only for warm, but also for cold weather – despite the short cut. Whether it’s for work or a night out, I would definitely recommend it.


What’s better than a lot of colors and a butterfly-sleeve design? Not many things. This is why I am so in love with this dress. After the event, I was actually given this beauty in a purple colour as a gift, which definitely made my day!


Kimonos are a great addition to any outfit. The one I am wearing in this picture has the same pattern as the dress in the first picture. Throwing on a kimono can really make a difference in your style game and make you stand out (even in black and white it simply looks stunning!).


Finally, the last picture with my favorite person at the event – Roberta. She was such a warm and welcoming person and so much fun to work with. Her personality perfectly represented what her brand stands for – loving life and being bold. Normally, I go for rather plain and elegant designs, but her enthusiasm and passion made me more open-minded to wearing colorful, unique patterns and made me fall in love with Os Estampados. And as a wise person once said, life is too short for boring clothes.

I would definitely recommend you to check out their collections online at http://www.osestampados.com/ or their instagram @osestampados_uk. (Not sponsored, in case you’re wondering. I just love them a lot!)

Vicky x


One thought on “Os Estampados

  1. Ayushi Sheth says:

    Looking someone to collaborate w me, I want to start my own clothing line / brand.
    Interested folks please send me your contact information so that I can contact ya’ll.
    Would be love to create a small fam behind my company.
    Brand details : swim suits, tops & bottoms.
    Designers, Investors, manufactures whoever Interested, leave a comment w your email addresses, contact info and where you’re from.


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