A Girl’s Guide To Tinder

Online dating in and of itself can be a lot of fun and is gaining more and more popularity. Tinder is one of the most well-known (and slightly infamous) dating apps on the market. It does have the reputation of being used predominantly for hook-ups, however you can find a variety of men or women interested in something more serious and long-term. If you’re currently in a situation in which you aren’t looking for sex, but fun dates with the potential to lead to more, here’s what you should avoid:

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No, He’s Not Dead – He’s Just Ghosting You

Have you ever wondered what happened to that gorgeous man you recently started dating?

Everything seemed perfect. You were sure that this timeĀ thereĀ really was potential to enter a committed relationship. You shared good laughs, had amazing conversations and felt a genuine connection (maybe in more than one way, wink wink). You might have even seen this person of interest multiple times, each better than the last. But then it happens. You send a cute or casual text. You wait a few minutes. A few minutes turn into a few hours and those hours into days. Nothing.

What happened?

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